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Window Screens

Manage light, privacy and security with Craftlatt window screens. Find satisfaction in the added touch of colour and class to your home. Craftlatt custom window screens are the ideal window solution for almost every application.

By customising the spacing between slats, we can block the harsh summer heat or create privacy. At the same time, they still allow light and air to penetrate. Other options include fixed louvre for 100 percent blocking of the sun while still allowing airflow. You can make a difference to light, heat and privacy with Craftlatt window screens.

Our quality products are made to fit your home.

Vista Screens

Vista-Slatt is the ultimate contemporary architectural feature with style, flair and individuality. These screens’ parallel slats are ideal for privacy panels, gates, fences and windows. They provide security protection, shade and screening anywhere you need.

By customising the slat size and spacing, we can tailor panels for privacy and airflow. By incorporating matching welded aluminium doors, we can combine access and security. These doors can be either sliding or hinged.

Craftlatt Lattice

Enjoy this modern alternative with a timeless look. At Craftlatt, we make our lattice panels with 35 x 10 mm powder-coated aluminium slats. Now you can have the classic look of traditional lattice with none of the maintenance.

Now There Is a Difference

Craftlatt has a range of truly stunning external home and lifestyle improvement products. Up-to-date designs and component technology ensure that Craftlatt products require minimal maintenance and add value to any structure.

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